Tourist Attractions of Coroico

Town of Coroico

Coroico is located 86 km from La Paz and connected through a new paved road; is the capital of the Nor Yungas province; it has a temperate to warm climate depending on the season and is one of the main tourist destinations in the department of La Paz.

Population: 4500 inhabitants (urban).
Height: 1,750 meters above sea level
Temperature: max. 32 ° C / average. 24 ° C / minimum 16 ° C
Activities: Tourism, Agriculture
Agricultural Products: coca plant, coffee, citrus, banana, racacha, yucca, walusa, pineapple and others. Birds: Chicken Breeders

In Bus and Minibus from the bus terminal in Villa Fátima: There are several transport companies, such as; Yungueña, Trans Totai; and others. It costs Bs25-Bs30 (US $ 3.6 - US $ 4.3). Also, you can go by bike and walk along the Camino del Inca.

Mount Uchumachi

Cerro Uchumachi - one of the most notorious and well-known mountains of Yungas in La Paz with several villages around - stands out among the beauty of the area; on its slopes is the Calvary; and, passing through this place, there is a path that crosses the exuberant "Humid Forest".

One of its roads leads to Las Cascadas, while the other leads to the top of the mountain, from where you have spectacular views of the landscape.

The Pozas del Rio Vagante

One of the most favorite attractions of visitors are the Pozas de Piedra, natural pools with crystal clear water, surrounded by lush vegetation.

During the trip to the pools, you can appreciate the varied flora: coca, citrus and coffee plantations; and the variety of fauna: the Tunki, parrots, partridges, uchis, mountain pig, monkeys, among others.

When arriving at the river, the most advisable thing is to follow the path on the right side of the bridge, continue walking down for 10 minutes until you reach the pools and waterfalls.


These attractions are visited throughout the year due to their pools of crystal clear water and impressive waterfalls.

- The First Waterfall is the smallest. It can be photographed and enjoyed without restrictions.

- The Second Waterfall (entrance Bs3) with a fall of approximately 50 meters. It has built an artificial pool for the fun of visitors.

- The Third Waterfall (entrance Bs 3) known as La Jalancha is the most spectacular and is reached by marked trails. It also has an artificial pond.

Town of TOCAÑA

The story tells that the Spanish colonizers brought African slaves who could not stand the height and cold climate of the Altiplano. For this reason, the blacks migrated to the region of Los Yungas, colonizing the region and forming small towns.

Tocaña is an Afro-Bolivian very special community: its people, the landscape, customs and ways of life are unique. The black festivals with dancing and the music of the Saya is a must. With their beautiful women and cheerful children, they are very friendly and graciuos people.